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Assistant Manager Fresno

Bill Vang

Assistant Manager Bill Vang is our first manager at the Fresno location. He was first taught how to cook by both his parents, but mostly his father. Vang’s father worked at multiple kitchens as a first generation Asian American, who would always help his children cater to club events that they had at school. During Vang’s adolescent years, he would always ask his father to teach him how to create those dishes in case he was never around. Vang’s passion for cooking grew each year as he tried to experiment on his own when his father was gone. He first learned how to make sushi at a locally owned Japanese restaurant named Sashimi Express in 2016, where his passion for the art of sushi started. During his time away from the restaurant, Vang coaches boys/girls volleyball for FUSD and enjoys his leisure time out in nature.